Transformational Prayer - Podcasts


Each prayer consists of a brief teaching about the topic, followed by the prayer or meditation to assist you in your Christian journey.

The prayers are MP3 (audio) files and are between 7 - 15 minutes in length. You can play them on a computer, an IPod or an MP3 player using any audio player such as Quicktime, Windows Media Player or WinAmp

You will probably need a fast Internet connection such as broadband in order to download the files as they are between 7MB-15MB each.

Prayer For Salvation

A prayer for those who wish to become a Christian. ( 7 minutes)

Prayer For The Infilling And Empowering Of The Holy Spirit.

This prayer that asks God to ) fill us with the Holy Spirit so we can have wisdom, Christian character and victory over sin and send the Holy Spirit upon us in power so we can be mighty witnesses for Jesus. (9 minutes)

Prayer For Victory Over Sin

A prayer for a consistent Christian life, free from falling into habitual sin. A prayer that God's Holy Spirit will help us to defeat the flesh and will bring us spiritual victory by faith in Jesus Christ. (10 minutes)

Prayer For Physical Healing

A prayer for those needing to receive physical healing from Jesus. (14 minutes)

Prayer For Emotional Healing

A prayer for those needing spiritual healing of the emotions - such as healing of memories, hurts, inner wounds and oppressive dark moods. (14 minutes 30 seconds)

Prayer For Wisdom

A prayer for both spiritual wisdom and practical wisdom, to be given to us, through the Holy Spirit of God. ( 15 minutes)

Prayer For Anointing On Your Ministry

A prayer for anointing on your ministry as a pastor, teacher, evangelist, missionary, mercy minister, worship leader etc. Build on the prayer for the indwelling and empowering of the Holy Spirit which should be prayed first. Calls on God for a clean and pure heart, anointing, wisdom, power and spiritual authority to do the works of God in the name of Jesus Christ. (10 minutes)

Prayer For Daily Financial Provision

A prayer that God will supply both your personal financial needs and the needs of your Christian ministry. (10 minutes)

Ten Affirmations For Spiritual Victory

Ten powerful bible-based affirmations that you can pray, in faith, to see spiritual breakthrough. There is also a pdf file of the affirmations here (15 minutes)

Prayer For Freedom From Curses

Christ has taken all our curses on the cross (Galatians 3:10-14), and instead given us 'all the spiritual blessings in the heavenly realms' (Ephesians 1:3). This prayer helps you to do the necessary spiritual warfare to claim this work of Christ on your behalf and to become free from the power of curses, hexes and spells. (10 minutes)

Prayer For Spiritual Cleansing

Similar to the prayer above but focuses on becoming cleansed spiritually. For freedom from nameless anxiety, confusion, hopelessness, and despair amongst other things. (9.5 minutes)

 40 Scripture Verses On Healing

Forty bible verses concering healing, read by John Edmiston, listen to them to boost your faith for healing.  "faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of Christ". (12 minutes)

The Prayer For Perfect Love

A series of Scriptural affirmations centered around God's love for us. (3 minutes 33 seconds)
The PDF of the prayer may be found here.

The Prayer For Perfect Peace

Jesus gives perfect peace to all whose minds are fixed upon Him. This prayer is a series of Scriptural affirmations that will help you to dwell in the perfect peace of God. (4 minutes)    The PDF of the prayer can be downloaded here.

The Prayer of The Crucified Saint  (Death to Self)

 A prayer to help you in dealing with pride, and with issues of self-life, striving, overwork and ego. A series of Scriptural affirmations especially suited for pastors, missionaries and Christian workers. (2 minutes 19 secs). The PDF of the prayer can be downloaded here.

A Prayer For Inner Strength

Christians should be "strong and of good courage" as we face the challenges of life in the power of God. This Scriptural affirmation will help you to lay hold of God's inner strengthening power! (4 minutes and 38 seconds). The PDF of this prayer can be downloaded here.

A Time For Every Emotion Under Heaven

This prayer/affirmation deals with the place of emotions in the Christian life and helps us to accept, release and control our emotions. It is based around Solomon's observations in Ecclesiastes (6 minutes and 20 seconds). The PDF of this prayer can be downloaded here.

The Sovereignty Confession

A prayer that confesses God's perfect power and sovereign ordering of your life. 1 minute and 30 seconds. The PDF of this prayer can be downloaded here

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